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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Wix Bookings is an easy-to-use scheduling system that lets customers book services online, so you can focus on managing your business.

Whether you offer workshops, courses, or private sessions - Wix Bookings has you covered. Customers can book services directly on your site

With Wix Bookings you can:

Offer different types of services Learn More

Accept online and offline payments Learn More

Sell membership plans and packages Learn More

Offer different services in multiple locations Learn More

Manage your calendar Learn More

Set up your calendar for capacity control during COVID-19 Learn More

Sync with Google Calendar Learn More

Create a customized booking form Learn More

Offer discount coupons Learn More

Automatically send reminder emails or SMS messages to clients

View each client's past bookings Learn More

Allow clients to log in to quickly re-book

To get started:

Add Wix Bookings to your site.

Learn more about Wix Bookings

Check out our essential checklist for bookings site owners

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